What kind of company is Profit Guru?
Profit Guru is a pure broking & research firm focusing on Technical Analysis that provides real time financial markets recommendation (Trading Signals) to its customers for intra-day and short term trading on real time data.

What is the authenticity of your company?
We follow strict policies in our organization, and for more you can visit our website Profit Guru.

What Services do you provide?
We provide the Broking platform, recommendations of Equity and Commodity Market.

What is the Minimum Investment requirement for Trading in order to get your calls?
There is no such minimum investment required for our calls. You can choose the lot size according to your convenience but it would be easier for you to have at least 30k to trade in intraday efficiently.

Is there any Free-Trial Service? If yes, how can I avail that?
Yes, you can avail our 2-Days Free Trial by clicking on the Free Trial Form.

What will be the mode of Recommendations you provide?
You can avail the recommendations at all Digital Platforms like (sms, messengers, rediff, yahoo, gtalk). 

What is your Success / Accuracy / Hit Ratio?
We provide the accuracy of 85-90% on consistent basis.

How to contact you in the Market hours?
You can anytime call us at our Support Number: +91 731 4048072

What are your paid services?
You can find the various Services / Products offered by us in the Pricing section of our Website.

What is the procedure to subscribe for your services?
You can fill up the Subscription Form available on the Website or simply talk to our Support Team 24/7 for assistance 

What is the Best Trading Style you recommend for trader?
We always suggest Intraday Trading to our customers because in the present scenario, the Indian markets are mostly governed by the global trends which can change in a day or night. Hence, most of our all calls are purely intraday.

Do you provide BTST/STBT calls?
Yes, we have BTST and STBT services too for the traders who want to always go home with a position open and want to reap benefits from next day's opening.

Do you provide some special services?
Yes, we have an HNI pack for the investors and traders who trade in heavy lots in which we provide every call with almost 100% accuracy.

Do you provide the detailed analysis of the market?
Yes, we provide the Weekly Premium Reports, Daily Premium Newsletter and Daily Technical Levels, which help you to trade and invest better in the market.

Do you recommend taking delivery?
Predominantly we have intraday packages and generally we always suggest our customers to close their Positions on the same day but at the same time we have some packages for delivery as well.

Do you suggest when can I book profit or exit? Yes, we provide complete follow-ups for both Stop-Loss & Targets till you close your position, as we use strong technologies to provide the best services to our clients.

Is there any complaint helpline available? We provide the quality services to our clients but still if you have any queries and complaints, then you can directly contact to our Complaints and Grievances Department 24/7 by write us Profit Guru

Is there any provision of refund of money in cases of loss?
We provide all calls with well analyzed Stop Loss. So in most of the cases, you will not end up making loss. However, money paid is not refundable in any case.